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Get On Board the Self Publishing Train.

A station master stands, whistle in hand, ‘This train for e-books and print. Stopping at Amazon, Penguin Random House, Bowker and Ingram. Please check announcements for all other destinations as platforms may change from those advertised.’ First, it was a world where many books on a publishers back list fell out of print because too […]

‘Fetch, Boy’ How not to lose your VOICE when editing.

The second blog of the month is by Dexter Petley, a successful author who also works as an editor and adviser for new writers. Amongst his acclaimed works are a literary noir whodunnit, Little Nineveh (Polygon 1995), Joyride (Fourth Estate, 1999), and White Lies (Fourth Estate 2003). He’s a regular on the cult website TIME […]

Elephant’s Don’t, Dolphins Don’t, So Why, Oh Why, Do We?

This month’s guest blogger is John ‘JT’ Roberts, who asks:  ‘Why Do We Write?’ On our journey through life we all experience unusual and difficult situations, which can leave us wondering why? We should understand and appreciate that we are unique in ourselves and the ‘why’ is dependent on one’s own philosophy. I had no […]

“She’s not a stranger; I’ve read her book.”

Our guest blog this month comes from Caro Clarke, author of ‘Furry Dice Chewing Gum’. She reflects upon the writer’s voice and what makes us who we are. As they say in Thailand, ‘Same, same but different…’ Writing: It’s Personal ‘When I was a girl, back in the time of cave painting and discovering fire, […]

Furry Dice Chewing Gum – Problems for New Writers

Beginners’ four faults As an editor, I know when I am reading someone’s first novel. I have nicknames for the four give-away faults beginners make: (1) Walk and Chew Gum (2) Furry Dice (3) Tea, Vicar? (4) Styrofoam. I see at least one of these in every manuscript where the author has not mastered the […]

Another Rejection Slip? Never Give Up, and here’s why…

Guest blogger Adelaide Godwin talks to Tracy Thomson about the launch next month of her new children’s book. Is this the first novel you have ever written? Yes What about when you were younger at school?  I enjoyed writing but I am not sure the examiners felt the same when marking! Was your first language French?  […]

How to hook a reader, plot or character?

My dog got a lovely gift this Christmas, hope you do too! Happy Writing. Be it people or animals, if I suddenly care what happens to them I become interested in the story itself. It is arguably the key reason ‘Homeland’ spawned three series; the plot is terrorism the watchability is Carrie and Brody. Plot […]

Five Minutes of Flame. – When Nigella’s Twinkly Lights Go Out.

Nigella Lawson; as divisive as Marmite on a good day, but at the moment her once revered culinary abilities and the poetic descriptions of her creations are the last things on anybody’s lips. So where did it all go wrong?  How could our love affair with the twinkly-lit muted scenes of conviviality turn sour overnight? […]