One Day Writing Workshop 28 Oct

Writing Workshop Conflict Beneath The Surface

Writing Workshop Conflict Beneath The SurfaceThis one day writing workshop is set in the beautiful Andalusian Foothills, with backdrops of green hills filled with oranges and avocados.

At 10.30 we kick off with coffee – and a chance to get to know people in an informal setting. Then the course begins with an overview of the day and our first activity.

All materials are provided, along with readings and writing advice. For one-day workshops, we use group sourced output, often spoken rather than written. The aim is to inspire and re-invigorate, with a little bit of pampering.

Lunch is around 2 pm, a three course country fayre, then it’s back to work! There’s a further break in the afternoon to place our drinks order which is brought to us as we continue reading, writing and discussing to our hearts content. We wrap up at 5 pm awash with inspiration.

All for only 49 euros.

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