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Mind the Gap, NLP and Me

Guest blogger Andrea Myers is a certified master practitioner of NLP and her blog  focuses on mind maps and filters.  Before you dismiss this as “pseudo science with quack factor stats” remember this, we learn, read and write in different ways. If we can increase our readership, or inject credible characterisation from looking at how […]

The Wonderful World of Foreign Rights

The guest blogger this week is Sam Curtis and her mission, which she chose to accept for thirteen years, was Foreign Rights. Over to you Sam Foreign Rights WHAT IS IT? Foreign rights is a specialised field of publishing, whereby the translation rights for a specific title or project are sold in another language. I […]

‘Silence’ – Stream of Consciousness

An example of the literary technique ‘stream of consciousness’ by SW member Emma Wilson that illustrates the benefit of free-flow writing. Getting down what comes into your mind without interruption can be a powerful stimulus that can help to kick-start the creative process and help you get inside the mind of a character. Silence I […]

Revelations of a Notebook

The following guest blog was posted by the elusive Lindsey who not only loves to write, but needs to write. She was unable to make the inaugural meeting of the club and this is now in the guest slot in the hope that she contacts us. Mystery Blogger, Come in from the Cold…we can help […]

Guest Post: Confessions of an Editor

Speaking to a senior player in trade publishing in London yesterday, I was struck again by how some fundamental attitudes have changed in recent years. It used to be around the bars of Frankfurt during the annual Book Fair that publishers would bare their souls and fess up sheepishly to the ones that got away. […]


Sotogrande Writers’ Club

Point of View

Dog looking at his own reflection

  So what is Point of View? Sol Stein’s definition is a good one, ‘The character whose eyes are observing what happens, the perspective from which a scene or story is written.’   Apart from writing an autobiography we write with a mouth-piece, one of the characters, real or made up, usually the most important […]

Grab Their Interest.

Our writing club opens its doors the last week of September and until then I have another opportunity to blog… Sol Stein is a terrific writer to go to for tips on techniques. Born 1926, he edited and published books for 36 years from some of the most successful writers of the twentieth century, including […]

Welcome to Sotogrande Writers

Welcome This is where writers, in any genre or medium, can share their work and get inspired. Hopefully we will encourage and learn from each other with the end goal of growing together and becoming the best that we can at our craft. We are egalitarian; some of us at different stages of development to […]