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Who says you can’t have it all?

Write in Spain on Holiday

Write in Spain on Holiday! The focus is writing AND having a holiday in Southern Spain. Writing workshops and feedback in the morning. Afternoons and evenings dedicated to the tastes, flavours and colours of Andalusia. We understand you may not always feel like  participating in the social activities. Naturally, we recommend that you do because […]

Feedback – and How Not to Be a Slime Ball.

Space Rocket taken off surrounded by smooth faced aliens

Is feedback on a Work In Progress good for you as a writer? I think the short answer is that it depends on the length of the piece and on what the feedback is. It’s certainly important to provide some kind of context. A novel is long, some 90,000 words. Flash fiction has a beginning, […]

Published Writer – Profession or Vocation?

I’m not a gambler, but with the top 5% of writers earning almost half of everything, it’s a safe bet that if you’re a writer you don’t earn much and, because of that, writing is not your main source of income, even when you spend most of your time doing it. Is it time, then, […]

A Dog’s View – Paws for Thought

Some incidentals to start with: My Mistress, She Who Adores Me, is always telling everyone that Labrador intestines are the most robust in the world and should be thoroughly and scientifically investigated. Why? Because these studies would help find the answer of resistance to the most violent of indigestions or accidental poisoning. I have to […]

Infographics – More Shared than Synonyms at an SEO Party.

It turns out Infographics, not Orange, are the New Black. It also transpires there’s a knack to their creation. And it is something that Writers, Designers and Marketers should all learn. CopyPress does a great infographic guide where we learn how to turn boredom on its head, with the same stats that caused us to […]

When Work Loses Fizz… Just Add Thizz…

There is a MOOC being run by the IOWA Writing University and Jonathan Lethem gave a talk that I have abridged below. The full version is available at the following link: It’s all about how when work loses Fizz just add causality. ‘First of all… a lot of the stories that interest us, a […]

Indie Publisher or Agent: What’s Best?

Mainstream Publishing -Fiction and Memoirs. Congratulations on finishing that Manuscript. (MS). YEY!YEY!YEY!YEY!YEY!YEY!YEY!YEY!YEY!YEY!YEY!YEY!YEY!YEY!! What’s the next step? First, decide if you wish to SelfPublish or go Mainstream. If it’s the latter, and it’s fiction, most Mainstream Publishers will not accept unsolicited MS, so do you want an Agent or will you go straight to an Independent […]

Copyright: How Protected is it?

Image taken from You already own your own copyright, right? Ever wondered how much of someone else’s work you can fairly copy? What about the other way round, when someone has copied not just the idea, but how you’ve said it? Copyright regimes in most countries of the world, including the US since 1989, […]