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Hero Wanted. Enquire Within.

Heroine’s Journey You might recognise any Star Wars journey from the infogram above. Episode VII fits like a glove: The heroine is introduced in her ORDINARY WORLD where she receives the CALL TO ADVENTURE. At first RELUCTANT, she CROSSES THE RUBICON and encounter TESTS, ALLIES and ENEMIES. She reaches the INNERMOST CAVE where she faces the SUPREME ORDEAL. She SEIZES THE PRIZE, ALMOST FAILS is pursued on […]

All Spin or Win-Win? Either way, don’t fall in.

Publishing Overview. This was written in 2016 and in only 2 years some of these self publishers or Solutions Providers are no longer with us. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. We’ve updated links to the best of our ability . . . It’s never been easier to get your own work out there. You can […]

The Cathedral of My Mind – Tribute to Peter Brookes.

The image above is of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. The phrase ‘the cathedral of my mind’, though Christian, is meant here to engender spirituality in all its forms and is published as a tribute to Peter Brookes, 24th Feb 1941 – 16th Nov 2015. It was one of the many beautiful lines he wrote. […]

Next Meeting

Next Writers’ Meeting 6.30 – 8.30 Milla de Plata Thursday 10 th December Theme ‘The Cathedral of my Mind’ 500 words any style or genre using the above line in your work. Theme in honour of Peter Brookes who passed away just 2 weeks ago.

‘Don’t you use that tone with me!’

Flamenco Dancer in Dress

Style, Tone and Mood. I sat listening to two people exploring the differences between ‘Style’, ‘Tone’ and ‘Mood’. They asked me my opinion, feeling they were losing me. I emptied the last of the wine into my glass, ‘Like they say in Thailand, “Same, same but different.” . . .’ Then I took out my […]

‘Dating is subtext, marriage is text’ . . .

HOOK THE READER. WRITE SUBTEXT TO ENRICH CHARACTER AND PLOT. I’m still hooked on Dr. Linda Seger’s book: Writing Subtext. In it she quotes psychotherapist and script consultant Dr. Rachel Ballon as saying, ‘Dating is subtext, marriage is text.’ When you think of the first date, of guessing what he/she really thinks, about being on […]

The Secret about Subtext – Creating Characters to Die For.

Dr. Linda Seger, an internationally known script consultant, has written a book about subtext and how it strengthens and adds depth to your writing. She says, ‘Subtext is the true meaning simmering underneath the words and actions, . . .Subtext points to other meanings.’ I started to think about how the power lies, like an […]

SEO – The What and How of the ‘Holy Cow’

If you publish a book you need to promote it and that means getting a website together, sometimes it can all seem a little overwhelming. But it needn’t be. There’s a lot written about Search Engine Optimisation, (SEO), but it’s not that hard to learn the basics. SEO Makes Sense. We do it all the time Don’t […]